1085 Studio

Greetings from the picturesque city of Zurich, where I pursue my passion for creativity as an independent freelancer. Driven by innovation and unconstrained by convention, each project is a unique canvas for me, offering the opportunity to create something that truly reflects the aspirations of my clients.

Whether it's designing a logo, building a website or creating compelling artwork, my focus is always on delivering exceptional results that capture the essence of each client's vision. With a diverse skill set and a commitment to excellence, I ensure the highest quality of service for every project I undertake.

If you're looking for a dedicated, creative freelancer to bring your project to life, your search ends here!

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At 1085 Studio, I pride myself on seeing things differently. My logo, a stylized inverted SD card, perfectly encapsulates this philosophy.

While the world sees the face of a card, we see its underside; diving deep, exploring the unseen, and understanding the intricate details. This is not just about design; it's a representation of our approach to graphic design, web development, and photography. We believe that there's always more than meets the eye, and our mission is to uncover and highlight that hidden beauty. With every project we undertake, we challenge ourselves to view it from every angle, ensuring our clients benefit from a holistic and innovative approach.
Welcome to 1085 Studio, where we craft visions from a unique vantage point.

Web & Mobile Design
Logo Design
Brand Books
Photoshop Editing
Business Cards
Vektor Tracing
Book Design
Album/Single/Mix-tape Cover Design
Podcast Cover Design
Packaging Design
Web Banners
Window & Car Wrapping
Fashion Design
Flyer Design
Poster Design
Brochure Design
Signage Design
Menu Design
Catalog Design
Invitation Design
Postcard Design
Video Editing
And much more...